Sunday, April 20, 2008

After one year on the program Paige reached the level where she was given 'mental tasks'......the latter phase of the program designed to occupy the thinking brain while doing exercises to allow the cerebellum to fully do its job alone. We had done 'mentals' for about 4 days when she fell off a fast moving horse, breaking her elbow. She is now in a cast for approximately 5 weeks and cannot do the Dore exercises until the cast is removed. I am concerned about regression and have been told that kids do tend to regress some when they have to take a break in the exercises but they also tend to catch up quickly when exercises are resumed. Until then, I guess there is not much else to do but enjoy the break!
Paige has continued to improve with school work and social relationships.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday Feb. 26,2008

We have been going through some frustrations with Dore and school lately. It has been hard on both of us. She seemed to be struggling a lot with school work and with some of the exercises as well. After seeing Dr. Sue, our new chiropractor, about her recent run in illnesses, Dr. Sue picked up that Paige is feeling afraid to succeed as this might bring along with it, higher expectations. She has her saying, "I am happy....I do well" and "I am happy...I do great!"

Our last assesment showed some regression which could be a part of the frustration issue. Regression is really just the brain attempting to use new pathways, and struggling to do so.

So two steps forward and one back. But all in all, she is doing well. Socially, life is much better for her. Her reading is constantly improving too. I have noticed that she understands things better and is better able to express herself verbally. She understands jokes better and is able to play some clever ones on her brother! The only place I do not see some improvement is in math. We can only hope the future will brighter here too!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


We had our last assesment on January 9. After the past three showing minimal progress, we finally saw a big jump. It was so satisfying to see!! We now have more difficult exercises but I am happy to see them.
Her reading keeps coming along. When she reads aloud to me I am pleased with her steady progress. She continues to get good grades each week in her spelling and language tests. However, she continues to have little understanding of math. She just does not see it. Also, her frustration level is still very high with her homework.
Socially, she has some very sweet friends and is quite busy with them. She sometimes sees herself as left out and as a victim at times, which may just be part of her personality.
We have also noticed that she is not quite as clumbsy anymore.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Jan. 1. 2008

It has now been 9 months since we began the Dore Program. The biggest testiment to her progress came late in September. We had a 'student support meeting' at school. It was a follow up from the meetings we had last year and was designed to find out just how far behind she was and how much she was struggling and whether or not she qualified for the 'alpha phonics' dyslexic program. Mrs. T., her teacher this year, was astounded to hear the report read from last year. She said she could not believe the child in the report and Paige were the same child!! As she put it, Paige is 'holding her own' in second grade.

I am thrilled with this but still tend to notice where she still struggles. I see that any work she brings home as homework like spelling words, worksheets or grammer, that we work on with her, she learns fine. She usually gets an 'A' on things she is tested on, that she brings home. Where she is falling down is on things they work on in class only. She seems to miss some of the instruction or even get it down wrong. Math is an area where this is happening. She will begin small group help once school begins after this holiday time. I think that will help her a lot.

I do see that she still struggles with attention and focus. She is reading much better but still has an issue with fluency. I see her skipping words or endings of words. We have seen a developmental optometrist and she has special glasses that should help with her reading. He says she has an eye that sways outward and that her eyes quiver when focusing up close.

Our next Dore assesment is next week. Oh, and Paige was featured on a local Fox News story about the Dore program!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Well we are one week away from being on Dore for 6 months. After noticing lots of little changes early on, and the flowery feedback from Mrs. S., her teacher after just 8 weeks on the program and a time of regression, we went a long time with no noticable changes. We were to have had her assesment 3 days ago but she got sick with strep and we had to reschedule. I was looking forward to finding out anything I could from the assesment but am happy that it is in two weeks now. More time for changes. I am at this time, suspecting she has had some positive things going on in that little cerebellum. There are more expectations at school this year and she is doing fine with it, suprisingly. This is the first year she gets grades. All of them have been very good so far. She has to study hard for those 20 spelling words but the fact that she is getting them correct is pleasantly surprising me. She has gotten a 100% and a 95%. She also does not seem as overwhelmed as I would have expected her to feel. She still has a long way to go, but I am very happy so far!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I suspected that Paige's 'resgression period' was past and I was told that indeed, I was correct. Her last assesment was yesterday. Friday July 27th. Here are her scores:

Fourth Assesment Scores:

1. 76 baseline
2. 75 somatasensory 97(goal)
4. 62 visual 82
5 44 vestibular 58

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Our last assesment was Tuesday, June 19. She has continued with the regression, which I find not all that exciting to report. But restructuring is part of the process as it is in any situation that you reorganize. I try to remember that when we clean out the garage, things look worse before they look better....and in the big scheme of things, it is positive to be in this process of restructuring.

Here is where I wil be posting all of her scores. I will begin with the earliest and move to the latest.

Initial Assesment on March 21, 2007

Equilibrium Score
1. 90 green
2. 76 red
4. 77 green
5.38 red

Somatasensory 84 red
Visual 86 green
Vestibular 42 red
Composite 64 red

Second Assesment May 5, 2007
Equilibrium Score
1. 74 red
2. 48 red
4. 65 red
5. 25 red

Somatasensory 65 red
Visual 86 green
Vestibular 32 red
Composite 48 red

Third Assesment June 19, 2007

Equilibrium Score

1. 86 red
2. 57 red
4. 60 red
5. 33 red

Somatasensory 66 red
Visual 70 red
Vestibular 37 red
Composite 52 red